Attorney Michael Shifrin Enables Sustainable Community Development

Michael Shifrin

March 13, 2021

Attorney Michael Shifrin Enables Sustainable Community Development

Attorney Michael Shifrin and the Shifrin Legal team provide highly personalized and tailored legal services for condo and community associations. They combine personal touch with the resources, experience, and capability of a large and successful law firm to deliver unmatchable legal services for clients. From internal disputes between association neighbors to external vendor issues and much more, Shifrin Legal provides a full range of legal services for condominium and community associations.

Michael Shifrin Grasps In-Depth Legal Psychology

To be an effective lawyer for condominium and community associations, it takes a deep understanding of the underlying psychology of conflict and how it manifests within condominium and community associations. Attorney Michael Shifrin developed his unique style of legal practice over the years by merging his mastery of condo and community association law and a strong grasp of human psychology. When blended together, the result proves highly effective at resolving conflicts and de-escalating disputes to avoid unnecessary litigation. While it always is important to ensure legal forms and filings are done properly, clients stand to benefit the most when the human component of legal disputes is addressed.

Affirmed Regional Legal Expertise

Illinois as well as federal law impacts condominium and community associations alike. So do more localized units of government that have the power to tax and regulate condominiums as well as community associations. Michael Shifrin’s expertise in the field earned him many accolades, including:

Named a “Rising Star” three times by Illinois Super Lawyer’s magazine.
Designated an “Emerging Lawyer in Illinois” by Leading Lawyers.
Continually invited as a speaker and presenter at prestigious industry trade shows and exhibitions.

Michael Shifrin possesses more than a decade of experience in condominium and community association law that includes leadership roles within the Illinois Chapter of the Community Association Institute and regular publication in trade publications.

Advocate for Sustainable Communities

Change within condominium and community associations is an ever-present concern, especially in Illinois, with the near annual changes in applicable law. Michael Shifrin is highly experienced at counseling and guiding boards to help them develop sustainable communities by strengthening the legal, financial, and cultural foundations upon which they sit.

Sensible and Enforceable Association Bylaws

From drafting association bylaws and guidelines to humane and reasonable enforcement of association regulations, Michael Shifrin and his team at Shifrin legal are highly experienced and invaluable assets for getting it right and for ensuring the best possible compliance and enforcement procedures. Hiring the right attorney for condominium and community associations is vitally important to maintain peace and tranquility within the community while also ensuring property values are preserved and protected for all property owners.