Shifrin Legal and Michael Shifrin Offer Industry Leading Legal Services to Condo and Community Associations

Michael Shifrin

July 25, 2021

Industry Leading Legal Services to Condo and Community Associations

The recent collapse of a high-rise condo building in Surfside, Florida reminds us of the critically important role board members play while serving on their Board of Managers. They are responsible – to a large degree – for the wellbeing of many lives. Each and every decision made by a Board must be carefully thought through and discussed. This is known as conducting “due diligence.” The law does not expect volunteer board members to know the nuances involved with each and every decision a board faces. But it does expect a volunteer board to surround itself with experienced professionals capable of providing necessary education and guidance before board decisions are reached. Having a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer available for guidance is of the utmost importance.


Michael Shifrin, an attorney who solely represents condominium and community associations throughout Illinois, founded Shifrin Legal to help boards navigate the many difficult challenges they face. Shifrin customizes his legal advice by remaining mindful that people form the basis of each and every legal issue his clients face. He treats every client with respect, dignity and considers the complexities brought about by individuals when crafting advice for firm clients. Michael does not assume every issue is the same and there is a one-size-fits-all answer. Rather, he develops a thorough understanding of all involved parties, gathers as much detailed information as possible and then merges his knowledge of the law and human psychology to help clients accomplish their legal objectives.


In addition to practicing law, Michael Shifrin is known and respected for his public speaking skills. Throughout his career, he has made appearances at a variety of expositions, trade shows, and conferences hosted by management companies. Shifrin served as co-chair of the Illinois Chapter of the Community Association Institute Membership Committee. He has also written a variety of articles that have been published in numerous trade publications. Michael has also been recognized as a “Rising Star” by Illinois Super Lawyers magazine in the state of Illinois three times during the course of his career; an honor bestowed upon only 2.5 percent of attorneys before reaching 40 years of age. Additionally, Leading Lawyers chose him as an Emerging Lawyer in Illinois; less than two percent of lawyers who are licensed in the state of Illinois have received this prestigious honor.


Michael Shifrin takes great pride in working closely with boards to accomplish more than just legal objectives. Michael also assists them in establishing stable and sustainable communities for years to come. Michael often works with clients on a retainer basis, which allows him and his firm to become members of the leadership team that services the condominium or community association. This consistent and ongoing advice enables Michael to help boards begin making regular decisions that form the type of first-class community they desire. Harmonious, financially stable communities with reasonable assessment levels and beautiful grounds and landscaping.


Michael Shifrin is a results-oriented attorney. He delivers customized and focused counsel to every client without losing sight of the client’s objective. After all, excellent representation is futile if a client’s objective is not accomplished. Shifrin believes that Shifrin Legal is the best boutique condominium and community association law firm around. His firm possesses the resources and experience of a large law firm delivered with the care and personalization of a boutique law practice. Attorneys at Shifrin Legal are available to attend open board meetings, serve as registered agents, review the governing documents of an association and perform needed updates, provide valuable legal opinions, review contracts, and much more.


Shifrin Legal may be reached at (312) 470-2276 or by email at [email protected] for further information about the firm and its services.